Class Schedule

Below are the current classes taught at LDA. Ballet, modern stage-jazz and tap are term lessons and work towards examinations. The additional classes, workout, stretch and choreo, prepare mind and body for the intricacies of dance. All of these styles are woven into each and every dance class.

Jesmond Studio


Tippie Toes Nursery Dance 10.30am -11am

Infant Group 11am-12.30pm

Junior Group 11.30am-2.30pm

Seghill HAll


Tippie Toes Nursery Dance 4pm - 4.30pm

Junior Group 4.30pm - 6pm

Senior Group 4.30pm - 6.30pm


Infant Group 4pm - 5.30pm

Junior Group 4.30pm - 6pm

Senior Group 4.30pm - 6.15pm


Infant Group 4pm - 5.30pm

Junior Group 4.30pm - 6pm

Senior Group 4.30pm - 6.15pm


The foundation of all dance styles. These lessons will build strength, flexibility, coordination and grace but above all beautiful technique.​

Modern Stage - Jazz​​​​​

Jazz dance has taken many forms through the years and we will explore them all, whilst perfecting our technique and performance style.



Rhythmic and spontaneous. Tap allows you to be creative but first you must master the basics. These lessons are a step-by-step guide to the essential steps, sounds and moves of tap dance.


This class is perfect for children aged 2 to 4 who cannot stop moving when they hear music. They will develop their coordination, express themselves creatively, and build their concentration and focus – all providing a strong foundation for future dance.


This class will solely focus on fitness and stamina. We will improve strength and endurance to prepare the body for amateur or professional shows.​


The only aim of this class is to increase flexibility. Suppleness is key to most dance styles and also reduces risk of injury as you progress to more advanced and complex techniques.


During these classes we will perform a wide range of dance styles, including lyrical and commercial, in a fast paced environment. This will prepare you for auditions and improve your memory for show choreography.